The Jonathan Britto philosophy of combining precision, craft, and patient-centred care, is woven through the entire client experience.

From consultation to recovery, you can expect to feel relaxed, fully informed and confident of a positive outcome.

Discover how other clients felt, learn what to expect, and find out more about how you will be supported throughout your experience with Jonathan.


Reviewing the experiences of others is an important part of the process of assessing cosmetic, aesthetic and appearance-changing surgery. The practice of feedback gives clients an opportunity to rate their procedure and provides Jonathan with an effective measure of quality.

Clients can leave comments by using our online feedback system. There is an option to let us know if you would like us to keep your review private or share your story with others on these pages.

A small gallery of representative case studies is included in our site and many of Jonathan’s clients are happy to share their journey with images on a private one-to-one basis where appropriate. We would rather not show extensive before and after images on the site as these remain confidential to our clients and can give false impressions. Please make a request during your consultation, for examples of representative client outcomes.

Julie’s Experience

(breast uplift surgery)

“I’m delighted with the service you provided. At my first consultation appointment with Mr Britto I felt relaxed and confident that he was very knowledgeable and experienced in his field; he answered all my questions and really made me feel at ease. I’m extremely pleased with the result of my surgery, which was carried out in a relaxed and friendly manner.  The after care has also been very professional from Mr Britto and his team.”

A Message from Alexi

(rhinoplasty surgery)

“I just wanted to thank you for all your time, patience and assistance over the last few months; you have been amazing during this process. Many Thanks.”

Gemma’s Experience

(breast aesthetic surgery)

“I was so pleased with the level of service I received from Danielle and of course Mr Britto. I am so happy with the results from my surgery; everything was dealt with professionally and with care. I would definitely recommend Mr Britto to anyone wanting surgery. He and his team did an amazing job and I have my self-confidence back. I can only say thank you!”

James and Dorothy’s Story

(craniofacial tumour removal and reconstruction)

“We know that your expertise is the reason for the successful treatment of my wife’s rare cancer. The quality of life that she now enjoys would not have been possible without your efforts and every day we have together is a bonus that is down to you.”

Patricia’s Experience

(skin tumour removal and reconstruction)

“This is to say how much I have appreciated your care and skill over the past two months or so, following my surgery. It is very easy to assume the hands in which one places oneself will be as capable as one would wish, but the recommendation I received to be referred to you was a very good one, and with which I am very pleased. Thank you again for your help and advice – if (and I sincerely hope I don’t) I have cause to see you again, I trust it will be on a social basis and not a medical one!! But having said that, I would not hesitate to call upon you should the need arise. And I will be very careful in the sun…”

Beverley’s Message

(breast augmentation surgery)

“Thank you for an impressive augmentation last week. I feel very happy with the result, even though I know that it is still very early days post op and it all still needs time to settle, but if it holds to look as good as it is now just a week post-surgery then it is definitely the appearance I had hoped for. I must commend you on your needle work it is all looking very neat and healthy. I had my appointment with Jayne yesterday and we both agreed they look wow! I must say Jayne is a gem of a nurse and I’m sure a real asset to your practice – she has such a friendly and caring way, she is just lovely. I look forward to seeing you at my next appointment.”

Follow up note from Alison

(after eyelid aesthetic surgery)

“Thank`s Danielle, if you happen to speak to Mr Britto you can tell him that I haven`t had any discomfort whatsoever since my eye surgery on Tuesday, quite amazing!!!”