The Jonathan Britto philosophy of combining precision, craft, and patient-centred care, is woven through the entire client experience.

From consultation to recovery, you can expect to feel relaxed, fully informed and confident of a positive outcome.

Discover how other clients felt, learn what to expect, and find out more about how you will be supported throughout your experience with Jonathan.



Your journey begins with your first consultation. This is your chance to discuss your thoughts and aims directly with Jonathan, and ask as many questions as you like.

There are two ways to make this happen. You can book an online consultation with Jonathan or you can consult him in person in London. The time and dedication given online is exactly the same as for personal consultations and tends to suit clients outside the South East of England or the UK as a prelude to a face to face assessment.

Once the consultation is complete, you will receive an information pack containing your personal summary, a full quotation and information relating to your procedure. All clients have a further opportunity at this stage with encouragement to consult Jonathan again as required.


“By the time it comes to the procedure, each of my clients feels that they know me, and all feel confident, comfortable and ready to make lasting, positive change.”

Our consulting suite is at 101 Harley Street. Children and families are seen at the Harley Street Children’s Hospital. Day case procedures under conscious anaesthesia may be undertaken at our bespoke operating facility at 101 Harley Street, with general anaesthesia procedures or those requiring a longer stay undertaken at the Harley Street Clinic and/or alternatives as required. All locations are have been specifically chosen for their high standards of private care, caring nursing, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Information relating to your procedure will be included in your information pack. Each procedure or treatment is different and tailored specifically to you, and you can expect to feel welcome and put at ease by our specialist team in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.


“We provide recovery plans and advice for all clients to allow them to organise their busy lives – after all, knowing when you can resume driving, work, or your social calendar is an important part of recovery.”

Good post-procedure care is an important part of your experience, and like the procedure itself is tailored uniquely to you. Clients have a variety of requirements to suit their own travel and work commitments and management of post–procedure care will be tailored to this as much as possible.

Information relating to post-procedure care will be given at your consultation and is included within your information pack. Jonathan and his team will advise you again and provide support during your time in the hospital or clinic.

Regardless of procedure, all clients are advised to have a friend or family member with them for the first few days at home, and all follow-up appointments will be made for you before you are discharged.