Male clients often seek methods of improving confidence and body image. Facial procedures, including to the brow, eyelids, nose, jawline, chin and ears are commonly requested to provide youthful enhancement and masculine definition, and to increase a sense of well-being.

Jonathan’s background in craniofacial reconstruction offers a comprehensive assessment and experience, and techniques including implant technology, structural fat grafting, and skeletal surgery for male facial sculpting.


Male lower blepharoplasty and chemical peel resurfacing


The male abdomen is frequently on show and the gym may not provide all that is required to deliver a masculine abdominal tone and shape. Whereas the female abdominal silhouette is that of the ‘hour glass’, the male abdomen contributes to a ‘V’ shaped torso. The muscular definition that provides a masculine shape may not be revealed by the overlying envelope of skin and the fat pockets that lie between. Combination strategies in male abdominal contouring reveal the muscular base and include liposculpture, skin re-tensioning, and umbilicoplasty – seeking to hide scars and promote definition.


Gynaecomastia, (‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’) is one of the most common conditions for which plastic surgeons are consulted by young men who experience expansion of breast tissue in the hormonal surge of puberty. Change in the chest profile and nipple – areolar shape and size creates embarrassment in changing rooms and on the beach. Older men on hormone treatment for prostate conditions also request male breast tissue reduction. The surgical procedures include re-balancing of the skin, fat and nipple/areolar shape, whilst minimising scarring on the exposed male chest.

Where there is minimal skin excess, modified liposuction may be all that is required. Where there is skin excess open surgery and expert scar planning is required. Occasionally, staged procedures with liposuction and open surgery may be advised in pursuit of the optimum contoured result.

Clients will need to plan to take a few days away from work and can expect to resume life as normal shortly thereafter. Gynaecomastia procedures can generally be undertaken as day surgery and do not require an overnight stay.