This area of aesthetic medicine provides management of un-wanted wrinkles, aspects of facial definition and improved skin health. Treatments can be accessed as stand-alone procedures, or as part of a synergistic and holistic pathway of care that may include surgical options.


Medical injectables soften facial wrinkles and the extremes of facial expression. Used sparingly and accurately with a mix of expert anatomical knowledge and artistic sense, injectables can offer subtle beauty in facial treatment and other specialist areas such as the back of the hands.

Jonathan uses a range of injectable toxins (colloquially grouped as ‘botox’) to provide gentle rejuvenation by softening muscle contraction and the wrinkles of excessive facial movement. His aim is to achieve natural facial movement without excessive wrinkling.

In addition, a range of soft gel fillers – derived from plant substrates and gently broken down by the body over time – can be used to sculpt the face, defining reflection of light and minimising shadow. Sculpting of the lip using fillers provides excellence in lip aesthetics.

The skill in filler aesthetics is to be sparing and accurate, to achieve the aesthetic ideal without courting the very real problems of indiscriminate filler use.


Jonathan has a longstanding, independent, association with the Obagi Skin Care range. Based upon the evidence, he is an advocate of the use of Obagi peels and skin preparations that optimise skin health and provide balance to the tone, colour and contour of the skin zones.

Obagi products are also used in a bespoke manner to optimise the ‘envelope’ – providing a youthful skin glow on top of the lifts and rebalances that surgery can achieve in the layers beneath.

Skin tightening techniques are very popular as stand-alone treatments, in addition Jonathan’s team often use these as a supplement to surgery in the recovery phases – to fine tune and contour the skin over the underlying surgical recontouring.

There are many other options for energy transfer to the skin in laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency forms, as well as combination techniques. Jonathan can recommend additional bespoke  non – surgical technologies to suit your skin type and these are discussed, if appropriate, as part of your individual treatment plan.