Aesthetic breast rebalancing is a highly individual process in which shoulder and hip shape play a significant role in considering the natural aesthetics of breast shape, cup size, nipple position and projection.

Jonathan uses 3D computer imaging extensively in analysis for breast surgery, with protocols to model implant sizes to aid communication and consider expectation of result.

Jonathan uses only the highest quality implants for breast augmentation, in the correct plane for optimum aesthetics. He helps clients to make an informed decision with a variety of approaches to assess expectation of size, shape and natural position of the breast.

Minimal scar techniques are used for augmentation, reduction and uplift procedures, and Jonathan also advises on and treats breast asymmetry and conditions such as breast hypoplasia, and tuberous/tubular breast. Breast rebalancing is often undertaken in association with other body-contouring procedures.


Breast augmentation or enlargement is most successful when reviewed in conjunction with the rest of the body to achieve natural balance and harmony. Jonathan has longstanding experience of surgical augmentation techniques, the many contemporary choices of implant and their effect upon the natural breast, coupled with sound aesthetic judgement to help clients achieve the best possible results. Clients can expect a procedure time of around 90 minutes as a general anaesthetic day case or with one overnight stay in hospital if preferred. Most clients find a few days away from work is sufficient with normal life resuming soon afterwards.


Techniques that lift, reduce or reshape the breast can deliver tremendous gain in quality of life and wellbeing. Jonathan’s aim is to provide a comfortable and feminine physique – based on careful planning for client expectation – and the opportunity to wear the clothes of choice for your preferred lifestyle. Many clients from the world of fitness, sports and fashion attest to the benefits and comfortable feminine aesthetics of the balanced breast. The aim is to optimise breast health, minimise scar and protect the healthy breast, whilst seeking a bespoke aesthetic change. Procedure times of 90 minutes to three hours can be expected, depending on the details of surgical planning; under a general anaesthetic as a day-case or overnight stay. Support bras and specialised garments will be advised. Most clients find a few days away from work and driving are sufficient with normal life resuming within a couple of weeks.