Jonathan is often asked to chair master-classes in facial and eyelid aesthetics and is frequently consulted for his expert advice on strategies in aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgery and eyelid aesthetic surgery.

Clients benefit from this expertise and enjoy outstanding results across a range of procedures including eyelid lift, upper lid and brow definition, outer corner uplifts, eye bag removal, tear trough rejuvenation and the correction of the sunken eyelid.

Eyelid rejuvenation will improve the aesthetic balance of the mid-face, but can be further enhanced when combined with other treatments such as a brow lift, cheek lift and skin resurfacing. Consult Jonathan to find out how a bespoke approach can help you achieve your aims.


Typical male and female upper eyelid blepharoplasty, eyes open pre-operatively and both open and closed postoperative views.


Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid rejuvenation) is a very popular facial aesthetic technique. It incorporates a wide range of surgical procedures and experience and knowledge of aesthetics, orbital and eyelid anatomy and surgery. It is often undertaken under conscious anaesthesia as an outpatient, and may be combined with a variety of non-surgical strategies to rejuvenate the whole of the mid-face in a ‘synergistic surgery’ approach. The scar can be beautifully hidden to allow a rapid return to client-facing work or social engagement as required.


Lower blepharoplasty is a family of techniques that treat the lower lid volume excess (eye bags) or alternatively the sunken eyelid, to balance the natural aesthetics of the eyelid and cheek. In Jonathan’s hands, lower blepharoplasty comprises a ‘layer by layer’ assessment of skin, muscle, fat and the specialised components of the eyelid and skeletal base. The surgical technique is chosen to address the aesthetic concern, whilst maximising safety and rapid recovery.


Two different types of ‘eyebags’ and postoperative results.

Jonathan has a thorough understanding of the eyelids and their aesthetic, functional, and cultural significance. This means he is able to develop a personal and bespoke plan for beautiful and lasting rejuvenation.

Canthopexy (lower lid tightening) can be incorporated with blepharoplasty to help improve eyelid shape, tone and functional outcomes. Extended lower blepharoplasty techniques incorporate the upper cheek (malar area) to provide an aesthetic lid/cheek balance and lower eyelid support. These options are discussed and compared to provide a bespoke surgical plan on an individual basis.

Clients resume life as normal within two to four weeks and need to plan for a day case or one night stay in hospital following a one to two hour procedure.

Pre and postoperative views of a young lady one year following left browlift and canthopexy for eyelid and brow symetry.