Jonathan’s expertise in facial reconstruction has been developed and honed in the service of both adults and children. Tumour removal, facial asymmetry, facial reanimation, developmental birth differences, and requirements for eyelid, nasal, facial and ear reconstruction are routinely addressed following consultation.

Basal cell tumour of the perimeter (helix) of the right ear. Surgery involved removal of the inked area and a margin of 3 millimetres. The reconstruction advances the lower perimeter up into the deficit and closes in a ‘like for like’ reconstruction for structure, function and cosmesis.

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Jonathan dedicates time to considering detailed reconstructive surgical planning for optimum aesthetic and excellent functional outcomes. His expertise is often consulted on complex, unusual or high profile cases and on secondary restoration cases following failed or unfavourable primary surgery.


James and Dorothy’s experience

(craniofacial tumour removal and reconstruction)

“We know that your expertise is the reason for the successful treatment of my wife’s rare cancer. The quality of life that she now enjoys would not have been possible without your efforts and every day we have together is a bonus that is down to you.”

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     ‘good surgical outcome is about both precision surgery and a care for people – that’s where the professional reward comes’

Jonathan Britto

Mohs surgery deficit at the eyelid/cheek junction. The reconstruction advances a cheek rotation flap into the deficit and closes to support the lower eyelid in a ‘like for like’ reconstruction for structure, function and cosmesis.

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Network colleagues with complementary skills are sometimes called upon to offer multidisciplinary support depending on individual needs. Please get in touch to find out more about Jonathan’s facial reconstruction service.


Patricia’s Experience

(skin tumour removal and reconstruction)

“This is to say how much I have appreciated your care and skill over the past two months or so, following my surgery. It is very easy to assume the hands in which one places oneself will be as capable as one would wish, but the recommendation I received to be referred to you was a very good one, and with which I am very pleased. Thank you again for your help and advice – if (and I sincerely hope I don’t) I have cause to see you again, I trust it will be on a social basis and not a medical one!! But having said that, I would not hesitate to call upon you should the need arise. And I will be very careful in the sun…”