Fillers & Facial Contouring

Fillers Facial Contouring

What are facial filler and contouring treatments?

Fillers & Facial Contouring
Facial fillers and Facial contouring are terms used to describe a range of aesthetic treatments, techniques and injectible products designed to define, lift, contour, and volumise facial tissues.

Structural changes seen in facial ageing can be managed with skilful non – surgical clinic based procedures that restore the form of youthful facial architecture. This results in a natural rejuvenation that integrates with facial movement and balances light and shadow to reflect the youthful curves of the face.

Facial fillers and Facial contouring treatments are sought by men and women of all ages. These procedures are not a substitute for surgery – they do not do the same thing – but are a complementary and valuable suite of non – surgical procedures. Fillers are “injectable implants”. There are many different types of fillers, of different gel consistency, which are used for different purpose in different layers of the face. With this understanding, safe, effective, and natural results can be delivered in the clinic.

Facial contouring procedures are a common request at the Jonathan Britto Clinic and subtle, natural results are our trademark.

Jonathan’s background in craniofacial surgery and craniofacial proportion bring his authority to the fore – his innate understanding of contour, facial proportion, light and shadow are as valuable to his nonsurgical sculpting practise as to his practise in surgery.

Whether it be a single treatment or in combination with other aesthetics or surgical procedures, we take the time to achieve a result that brings out the best version of you.

Would highly recommend Mr Britto, I think he is a very conscientious and an astute gentleman. I recently have had some fillers done just to freshen myself up. Mr Britto totally understood the look that I wanted, it’s so lovely for people to say to me now that I look fresh and well which was the result I wanted to achieve. I don’t look over the top or anything. I can’t thank Mr Britto enough for the work he has done to me. I would recommend him to anybody who asked for a plastic surgeon. In my opinion he is simply the best and I will be returning in the future for more work. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed, comes highly recommended. An absolute gentleman. Thank you for the work. I am over the moon.

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For many years I have applied the principles of Chiaruscuro in my surgical practice. This is the use of light and shade in drawing and paintings to achieve a sense of volume to model three-dimensional objects and figures. The same principles can be applied when planning a facial contouring procedure.

The aim is to optimise contour, without disrupting the natural junctions between the aesthetic units of the face – to provide for natural facial movement, and to banish shadow whilst introducing light. With the introduction of bio stimulators, skin conditions and collagen remodelling products, I now have a ‘tool box’ of products that I can use to achieve these principles and rather like a craftsman, to ‘sculpt’ natural beautiful rejuvenation

Jonathan Britto


Why would you consider fillers and facial contouring treatments?

Fillers & Facial Contouring
Many patients consider that fillers in facial contouring or a substitute for surgery. Others are thinking that the risks of surgery might be avoided with the use of a filler type injectable treatment. Yet more make enquiries because they don’t feel that they do not have the diary time to recover from a surgical procedure. Whatever your initial reasons to consider nonsurgical facial contouring, we, at the Jonathan Britto Clinic, will offer you a wide multidisciplinary opinion of the alternatives available.

We have no bias. The key of the consultation is to learn from you what your aims are, what your fears might be, and what the practical restrictions are that you feel limit your choices. In the treatment planning of an aesthetic or restorative programme for the face, we now have so many choices that we can be comprehensive, and responsive to your practicalities.

Fillers and facial contouring agents can be combined with anti-wrinkle dynamic muscle relaxing injections just under the skin, and with topical treatments related to the biology of skin health. All of this without considering a scalpel blade!


Fillers & Facial Contouring
Dermal Fillers– Dermal Fillers are commonly used for facial contouring procedures due to their versatility and safety profile. However, there are many different dermal fillers on the market, and not all meet the exacting safety standards. At Jonathan Britto Clinic we use top of the range dermal fillers of patented technology which deliver superior results – safely and naturally.

Most dermal fillers are composed of a soft gel hyaluronic acid that can be moulded and manipulated to naturally contour, restore and enhancing volume. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body and is essential for skin hydration.

Using the highest-grade hyaluronic acid ensures the safety and sterility of the products which have limited risks when used by skilled surgeons.

Hyaluronic acids dermal fillers come in a variety of gel thicknesses to suit different clinical indications. giving results that last between 6 to 18 months.

Sculptra– Often referred to as the ‘liquid face lift’ Sculptra is a unique bio-stimulator that works with your skin’s natural ability to generate collagen. Collagen is the skin’s natural ‘scaffolding’ giving it form, shape and suppleness.

Ageing brings about many unwanted changes in appearance and the causes of ageing are from both internal and external factors. Natural collagen biosynthesis slows down with every passing year with the loss of skin plumpness and vibrance.


At their best, injectable treatments as volumizers and skin conditioning agents, provide shape, definition, volume, and hydration to the skin. The suite of ‘injectables’ now available allow for very bespoke results with a natural outcomes.

These treatments should be the discrete reserve of the clinic room, and not evident in the dining salon or on Harley Street! Effective, safe, natural and balanced – quick, easy, comfortable, and affordable. These are the principles of injectable treatments at the Jonathan Britto clinic.

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Jonathan Britto
Injectables’, whether for use in the face or specific body area such as the back of the hands are a most powerful group of treatments for patients. These are medical treatments, classified as injectable implants and treated with respect. When used creatively together, they provide a safe and effective way to maintain youthful appearance. They can be used in conjunction with surgery, or independently, to prolong and promote healthy longevity and well-being.

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