Plastic surgeon in Harley Street offering alternatives!


Being healthy and possessing internal beauty will undoubtedly manifest in outward beauty. This state can be achieved through medicine, surgery and lifestyle medicine and may require some direction and education. Jonathan Britto is a plastic surgeon in Harley Street who has gained an international reputation in plastic and reconstructive craniofacial surgery. His career has spanned nearly two decades, during which he and his team have brought relief to a wide range of patients. As a progressive plastic surgeon in Harley Street, Dr Britto has created a team designed to meet the challenges posed by the twenty-first century. This century has given us some of the most amazing technology, which the medical profession has utilised to provide high-quality treatments for our patients.

Physical change is only part of the treatment

People are complex, and everyone is different in some way or another, resulting in different desires and aspirations. The first stage of any of our treatments is the welcome and the consultation; this is followed by an assessment of our findings and a discussion with you. During the discussion, we will encourage you to ask questions so that you are satisfied that you are able to make a properly informed decision about your treatment.

We strive to provide the finest overall service from the time you arrive at our clinic to when your selected treatment has been completed. Our experienced team applies the strictest rules of confidentiality encased in the highest care coupled with dignity. Jonathan Britto is more than a plastic surgeon in Harley Street because of his multi-disciplinary practice. We consider your external appearance to be only part of your treatment, and we want you to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We will guide you to achieve that optimum state of satisfaction with your physical appearance and an inner emotion of happiness.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments

For patients who prefer non-surgical anti-wrinkle and lip augmentation treatment, our highly trained team will help you achieve a more youthful appearance. We are also able to provide facial contouring. Beforehand, we utilise a method of applying light and shade so that a three-dimensional model is created. Using a variety of filler substances, which will naturally stimulate your own natural collagen, we can add volume where necessary. These non-surgical treatments are treated with the same care and attention as all our other treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Our concern for the safety and well-being of all our patients is demonstrated in our care and attention to detail.

Complete patient well-being

Science and an evidence-based holistic perspective allow us to bring together a complete approach to overall well-being. Our lifestyle medicine treatments include diet, exercise and relaxation. Your appearance is affected by what you eat and how well you sleep and care for your body. We want your physical appearance to mirror your inner beauty, and this state can be achieved using the principles encouraged by lifestyle medicine. Using our surgical and non-surgical expertise, we strive to help you achieve the external appearance that you desire as well as inner calm and contentment.