Jonathan is trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide to deliver professional treatment wrapped in care, dignity and discretion.

Supporting him is a team of experts who work in confidence to manage both clinical matters of different expertise, and administrative matters such as booking appointments, or liaison with insurers where necessary

All members of the team share his vision of delivering an exceptional high-quality experience and are considered seasoned professionals in medicine, therapy, and specialist clinical care.

A broader network of aestheticians and experts in aesthetic medicine is available to provide additional support depending on your chosen procedure. A comprehensive treatment plan is provided with a rationale where onward referral within the team is recommended. Details of all individuals involved in your procedure will be provided following your consultation.

I very much celebrate the principle of multi-disciplinary team working in the care of the aesthetics patient and client . No ‘one’ of us can do it all and nor should we try. We will always gain the trust of our patients in acknowledging that we work well in teams for better outcomes and a better professional sense of well-being …

In introducing RSM Aesthetics 10.

Royal Society of Medicine, London, 23.2.18