Jonathan Britto is one of the country’s leading plastic surgeons with a long and credible track record of success. You can rest assured that your procedure is being conducted by a highly competent, acknowledged and practised consultant plastic surgeon.

However, surgery of any kind is a big step to take and you must be sure you are making the right decision for you. Here are some of the things we recommend you think about prior to consultation:

  1. Are you clear on the reasons for your procedure? Although Jonathan has a reputation for technical rigour which reduces risk, all surgery carries risk and responsibility, as well as the excitement of favourable lasting change.
  2. Are you able to commit time to the recovery as well as the procedure and do you have friends or family available to support you afterwards?
  3. Many of the professional governing and regulatory bodies like BAAPS, BAPRAS and ISAPS provide valuable information relating to procedures, patient safety, insurance, and selecting the right surgeon. Do take time to review this information.
  4. Are your expectations realistic? Although cosmetic surgery must combine technical precision with craft and aesthetic sense, Jonathan will advise on what can realistically be achieved during your first consultation. The aim is to deliver a high quality assessment and surgery to achieve excellence in satisfaction.
  5. Do you understand that photographs will be taken before and after your procedure? Photography is critical to the process as it allows Jonathan to analyse the reflection of light and balance of shadow, volume, and vector to assess the problem and review the result. Photographs are completely confidential and will never be shown to anyone or used without your permission. In certain cases, Jonathan uses sophisticated 3D scanning and image manipulation in order to model aims and expectations – a valuable process.

Please note: All hospital and clinic facilities which welcome the patients of Mr Jonathan Britto are regularly inspected and meet the benchmark quality requirements of the UK Care Quality Commission (UK CQC