Jonathan’s background in paediatric, adolescent, and adult reconstructive craniofacial surgery means he applies very specific skills to a variety of conditions where high standards and an innate feel for natural balanced outcomes are the norm.

Jonathan’s voice in aesthetic care is well respected, reflected by his many professional roles and appointments including:

· President of the Section of Plastic Surgery (2014-15) at the Royal Society of Medicine
· Chairman of RSM Aesthetics 10 (2017-2018) at the Royal Society of Medicine
· Section Editor of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Jonathan’s aim is to restore or instil a natural sense of balance by surgical or non-surgical means without any sign of a procedure ever having taken place. Explore his client voices to review Jonathan’s approach in practice or find out more on these pages.

All procedures are tailored to your specific needs so only general information relating to common procedures can be given as examples here. Procedural information relevant to your personal requirements is explored in depth during your consultation.