Reconstructive facial surgery is generally performed to repair function from a developmental difference, damage from trauma, or infection or disease.

Reconstructive, restorative surgery is highly specialised as it involves renewing function as well as minimising the visible defect to provide stable aesthetic benefit.

Jonathan has a specialist interest in the aesthetic and functional restoration of the face and of the orbit and eyelids. He is the recipient of varied awards and grants, has authored several papers, created courses, developed academic sessions and collaborated in research programmes to share his knowledge.

He aims to provide clients with an improved quality of life through his comprehensive reconstructive service covering facial reconstruction, nasal reconstruction and oculoplastic surgery (the eyelids, eye socket and surrounding areas).

Reconstructive, restorative surgery is highly case-specific and tailored to clients’ individual needs. It is therefore not appropriate to apply procedure or recovery times, although these will be discussed during consultation.

Facial Reconstruction
Oculoplastic Surgery