What is a Browlift?

The ’forehead’ is that part of the face between the hairline and the eyebrows, and the ‘brow’ usually refers to the lower half of the forehead, to the level of the upper eyelid, including the hairline eyebrow. There are many types of “forehead lift/brow lift” but they have some commonality of indications and aims. Commonly, browlift surgeries have both a functional benefit – to unload the upper eyelid and improve vision, as well as a cosmetic/aesthetic aim.

What makes a natural brow? In men and in women this is slightly different. Men have a flatter somewhat lower eyebrow position on the forehead at the level of the upper margin of the orbit bone. For women, fashion plays a role in the position and density of the hairline eyebrow. Looking back at pictures of the first group of “supermodels” of the 1980s, they were pictured with very stylised thin density high elevation eyebrows particularly in the outer third. The current fashion is a thicker, more dense feminine eyebrow, with less lateral elevation. The important thing in feminine brow management is to not over depilate the eyebrow! This makes the surgeon’s role more difficult…

Jonathan’s craftsmanship arises from his study of the balance of the human face in all its forms, male and female, from around the world, animated and in repose, studied in life and depicted in art. Like the face and the neck, the forehead is arranged in five anatomical layers, all of which can be useful in brow lifting surgery.

We begin with the skin, which of course directly supports the hairline eyebrow. What is the skin quality? Is it heavy and thick? Will a skin health approach to the intrinsic quality of the skin be necessary? More than often the colour density, freckles and sun damage are the most aesthetically relevant aspects of the quality of the forehead.

The muscles of the forehead are the key to forehead wrinkling, and are best treated with a combination of browlift and Botox. The surgery sets the hairline eyebrow position and shape, and the Botox deals with the forehead smoothness. The brow lift also spreads and smooths the skin.

After the browlift surgery, whether combined with attention to the hairline eyebrow lamination, or upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery to provide the intrinsic eyelid definition, our aim is a natural balance between the position of the hairline eyebrow, the upper margin of the skeletal orbit, the upper eyelid crease, and the eyelash line. Natural balance, hidden scars, and an understanding of the differences between masculinity and femininity in the upper face – these are the ingredients of the multidisciplinary approach to a beautiful brow.

I am delighted, from both a functional and aesthetic perspective, with the results of the endobrow and blepharoplasty surgery, I recently underwent with Jonathan Britto. His instinctive holistic approach incited me with immediate confidence and, from the initial consultation through to the post surgical follow-up appointments, his care, sensitivity to my requirements and attention to detail were exemplary. I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Jonathan Britto to anyone considering facial surgery.

Verified patient, as seen in Doctify


Why consider browlift surgery?

The ‘family’ of browlift surgeries offers both appearance change and functional benefit. In considering aesthetic benefits, we look to elevate and shape the brows, smooth the forehead (often in conjunction with Botox to the muscle layer) and “unload” the upper eyelid to reveal a more youthful upper eyelid shelf. It is very common to combine brow lift with upper eyelid blepharoplasty for both an extrinsic (forehead) and intrinsic (eyelid) combination approach to eyelid aesthetics.

In considering the functional benefits, forehead and eyebrow lifts reduce the weight of the forehead upon the upper visual field, unload vision, and relieve fatigue. They allow better vision in the upper visual field, essential to skiers, marksmen, and snooker players! They relieve end of day tiredness, and have a role in relief of headaches.

Many patients will have had “mini surgical tweaks” or minimal invasive therapies such as thread lifts to the brow/forehead before. Some of these may have lasted, many will have not delivered expectation previously. Jonathan’s current analysis and technique will take into account all that has gone before, and an accurate, preferably dated, history is very valuable. Some patients hear comments about “looking tired”, “are you unhappy?”, that do not reflect their inner confidence and vitality. The colour and quality of the exposed forehead skin is often different from that in the face, and a principal strategy for our team is to unify balance and quality of appearance throughout the aesthetic units of the face.

Jonathan and his team will guide you through the options with clarity. What is your desired outcome? What recovery time is available to you? It might be a multilayer browlift that suits you best or a temple lift based on layer 1 and layer 3 of the forehead. How do you approach matters of cost, and how do you perceive matters of risk? What is the balance of risk, reward, recovery time and cost? All these questions will be answered by Jonathan with clarity, in plain and simple language, and backed up with a written report.


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