What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy (or micro sclerotherapy) is the cosmetic treatment used to treat unsightly veins on the legs which are often referred to as ‘spider’ veins or ‘thread’ veins named because of their thread like or spider appearance. In fact, they are not usually veins, but small blood capillaries which lie just under the skins surface. Sclerotherapy is used to treat thread veins on the legs, but it can be used for treatments on the body.

Thread veins can be seen through the skin on the surface as red or blue blood vessels that can often look worse on hot days or after standing for long periods of time. Whilst they are not harmful or a risk to health, they can cause a great deal of anxiety and upset.

While there are other treatments available for removal of thread veins on the legs, sclerotherapy is by far the most effective option.

Men and women can suffer from unsightly veins on the legs and the causes range from hormonal changes, local injury or lifestyle factors such as weight gain or jobs that involve standing up for long periods with little movement. They can also be an indicator of a more serious underlying condition such as varicose veins.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, Sclerotherapy is safe, predictable, and reliable and offers the gold standard for the management of spider veins on the legs and body.

There are some cosmetic treatments we perform that provide so much more than an aesthetic outcome and sclerotherapy is one such treatment. For those patients that come to me for treatment with sclerotherapy, more often than not I hear stories of years of upset and self-loathing and avoidance of certain social activities which heavily impacts on well-being. It makes me very happy to provide a relatively simple procedure that can really change lives.

Jonathan Britto


Why consider Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a treatment which involves injections of a small amount of a prescription medication known as a sclerosing agent. There are several sclerosing agents that have been used to treat thread veins for decades and the practice is well established and has excellent safety and efficacy data to support its use.

While most patients seek treatment for cosmetic reasons, some do have physical symptoms such as tired, achy legs. The legs may become swollen and following long periods of standing, the vessels can look very red and angry.

As the term suggests, ‘micro’ sclerotherapy injections use super fine needles to introduce the sclerosing solution into the small vessels. Once the solution is in the network of vessels, it causes the inner lining of the vessels to become inflamed. This inflammation causes the vessels to collapse and it, along with the blood, is reabsorbed into the body, leaving the skin clear and free of thread veins.

The effectiveness of the treatment relies very much on the experience and skill of the practitioner and here at the Jonathan Britto Clinic we have been performing the sclerotherapy treatments for over 20 years. Results are based on a thorough, in-depth and accurate medical assessment prior to treatment taking into account many factors and including diagnostic testing to ensure an accurate treatment plan is established. Failure to complete this examination and diagnostic assessment could lead non-responsive treatment or worse still, avoidable complications.


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