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Linda Evangelista and I share two things: our age, and our unfortunate experiences with “non-invasive” cosmetic procedures.

I was luckier than her; mine was transient… So I had a facelift…I got what I was after: natural. Yet if you were to place my Before and After photos side by side, the transformation is dramatic.


Surgeon deserves applause for Tessa’s life-changing op

It is good to be able to report about little Tessa Evans, who has been given a new nose by a pioneering surgical procedure.


Girl, 2, born with no NOSE is the first undergo pioneering cosmetic surgery to have a new one built

A two-year-old born without a nose has become the first person to have a cosmetic nasal implant fitted to help create the missing appendage.

Mail Online

Blind Iraqi girl Shams Kareem finds new hope in London

Occasionally, something good comes from the carnage and misery of war. Yesterday, at Heathrow airport, a kind of miracle occurred when a three-year-old girl, blind, burnt and disfigured by a terrorist bomb, arrived on a flight from the Middle East for specialist medical treatment in London that her family never believed she would receive.

The Sunday Times

‘Blind angel’ has 80 bits of shrapnel inside her

The little girl known as the “blind angel” of Iraq and brought to Britain for medical treatment funded by Sunday Times readers has up to 80 pieces of shrapnel in her face and head, doctors discovered last week.

The Sunday Times

Doctors give blind Iraqi girl new eyes

After flying 2,500 miles from Baghdad and pacing hospitals in London while his daughter underwent four operations in seven weeks, Hisham Kareem knew the moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

The Sunday Times

Obituary : Dr Paul Tessier: Plastic surgeon who revolutionised the treatment of facial deformity

Paul Tessier was a great innovator in the medical profession, the creator of a new surgical speciality which brought hope to many with severe facial deformities that had previously been untreatable. He is acknowledged as the father of craniofacial surgery and his contribution is recognised internationally, crossing the boundaries of the related specialities of plastic, maxillofacial, ophthalmic and neurosurgery.


‘There’s a little extra Tessa now’ Two-year-old born with rare condition now gets own NOSE

An adorable toddler born without a nose has made history as the first person to ever have a cosmetic nasal implant fitted.

sunday express

Toddler born without a nose becomes first ever patient to receive ground-breaking 3D prosthesis.

Tessa Evans’ mum Grainne said: “It was an incredibly difficult decision for all of us, we love Tessa so much and thought she was completely beautiful the way she was”


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