Breast Augmentation

Why consider breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation is a surgery which provides volume (cup size), shape, uplift and projection to the natural breast, with minimal visible scarring, for improved natural confidence for women both in and out of clothes.

The highest quality silicone implant is selected to match exactly the ‘footprint’ of each breast in width, height, ‘droop ‘ (ptosis) and shape. The wide choice of implant reflects a large range of volume, shape, surface texture, and cohesivity (stiffness) for a large range of desired outcomes. Planning for implant size is usually ‘clinical’ at the mirror and based upon the breast ‘footprint’, the breast base and dimension, and the individual aims. 3D scanning is available and whilst it cannot emulate the behavior of natural tissues, it can help with anticipating expectation of outcome .

The implant is placed in the correct surgical pocket, in front of, or behind (or partially behind), the pectoralis muscles and behind the breast to achieve the best individual result. The scar is designed to be fine and as discreet as possible, usually in the crease below the breast, or around the areola.

Meticulous planning achieves a bespoke, natural breast, giving the freedom to wear the clothes of choice and achieve a natural confidence for a life changing impact.

Breast augmentation can be combined with other breast surgeries, including breast uplift, nipple remodelling, and fat transfer for contour finesse and bespoke asymmetries..

Incredible care from start to finish. Dr Britto is phenomenal at his work and produces amazing results. He is very thorough and puts you at ease immediately. Extremely skilled and knowledgeable about his work. He has given me back my confidence. Best decision I’ve ever made.

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What is breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation
Loss of confidence in breast aesthetics is emotionally distressing, leading to loss of mental health and wellbeing. Mild symptoms of anxiety or frustration in choosing appropriate clothes may be the prompt, or severe withdrawal and depression affecting confidence and interpersonal relationships.

Women of all ages seek advice for breast augmentation surgery, whether it be for a naturally under proportioned bust , asymmetry, or droopy/ptotic breasts with loss of volume post childbirth. The negative impact on self-esteem, body image and even the ability to form loving relationships can be niggling, constant and depressing.

The aim is to restore breast balance and rejuvenate the breast, to restore natural confidence and self – esteem. A ‘simple’ breast augmentation can deliver additional benefits, such as reducing the impact of breast skin stretch marks and improving the position and aesthetic balance of the nipple. Very bespoke breast rebalancing can be achieved by more complex combination options such as with uplift surgery, fat transfer or nipple remodelling.

Our practice philosophy to ‘follow breast health’ also maintains relationships providing care throughout life and the ongoing restoration of breast shape according to age, post – childbirth, clothing preference, and fashion. It becomes possible to down-size and retain shape, femininity, and proportion with increasing age and change in fashion. The larger implants chosen in youth can, for example, be replaced with smaller implants, with or without uplift to suit comfort and shape in more mature life.


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