Breast Reduction and Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

Breast Reduction and Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

What is breast reduction and breast uplift surgery?

Breast Reduction
Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction removes excess breast tissue from the breast, elevates, shapes and projects the breast, and redrapes the skin, with nipple repositioning to provide a healthy, uplifted and reduced breast aesthetic for femininity, comfort and confidence.

Mastopexy, or breast uplift, achieves an elevation, projection and reshaping of the breast, but without significant breast reduction. The two procedures are therefore a ‘continuum’ and part of the same ‘family’ of breast aesthetic procedures.

Women of all ages seek breast reduction and/or uplift surgery for a variety of reasons and the changes in both their physical and psychological well-being are always appreciated.

The weight of large or pendulous breasts may cause a variety of medical problems such as back and neck pain, skin irritation and shoulder soreness from tight bra straps. Poor posture is common, not just from the weight of the breast but from postural problems as a result from trying to ‘hide’ a large bust. Large breasts cause lack of self-esteem and extreme self-consciousness. Similarly very pendulous (droopy) breast tissue will cause a drop in breast and nipple position, and loss of self-esteem, particularly outside clothing.

The reasons to choose breast reduction or uplift surgery are often personal and bespoke. The result, a lighter, uplifted breast, will literally ‘lift the weight’ off your shoulders giving the freedom to wear an open choice of clothing, participate in sports and exercise and feel confident, feminine and sexy.

A breast reduction or uplift provides a feminine natural shape, and repositioning of the nipple to give a youthful appearance. The design of the surgery is unique to each individual patient and Jonathan is meticulous in his planning, and attentive in his listening, to achieve that comfortable, feminine breast to suit height, figure, and the personal activities of daily life that provide health and wellbeing for each individual.

I have recently had both a Tummy tuck and breast reduction with Mr Britto – had amazing results with both. The initial consultation was really Informative, Mr Britto listened to what I wanted, was realistic in terms of outcome and gave me everything I needed to make a decision.

The surgery went without a hitch, the anaesthetist was so caring. They work as a team which makes you feel very comfortable. I’ve has several follow up appointments and calls from Mr Britto directly to check how I was and give advice on anything I am not sure on. I had a couple of stitches that were having trouble dissolving – he fixed it very quickly and my recovery continued well. The op going well and outcome achieved is one thing (which I expected) but the service and experience I had was above and beyond. I would highly recommend Mr Britto.

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Why would you consider a Breast Reduction or Uplift?

Breast Reduction
‘Breast confidence’ is intimately entwined with feminine sensibility, emotion and wellbeing. Loss of such confidence can therefore be very distressing, just as the restoration of feminine confidence by breast rebalancing surgery is personally and professionally rewarding.

The sense of breast ‘disproportion’ is highly personal. The impact may be very physical, such as the heavy pendulous breast causing neck back and shoulder pain and loss of comfortable posture with all the risks of delayed spinal damage later. The skin under the breast can be affected with tendency for skin infections and rashes under the breast crease, with chaffing and excess sweating. The skin on a large breast is expanded and stretch marks are common along with distorted nipples, larger areolas (area around the nipple) and visibility of veins.

Alternatively, the impact may be mostly psychological and emotional, for example where a lax, pendulous, droopy breast causes embarrassment in changing rooms or personal relationships. The impact on personal life, the ability to partake in sport and exercise, and the ability for a freedom of choice in clothing can all be compromised by ‘breast disproportion’. The combination of physical and emotional challenges can cause social exclusion and deep unhappiness.

Increased breast size can occur at specific times of life, related to puberty, motherhood, and menopause, as well as weight fluctuations. Some women may have always had a naturally large or pendulous breasts all their adult life and hormonal changes or weight fluctuations have little affect on their size. There is not a cup size threshold in order to be considered suitable for breast reduction or uplift, the aim is to restore frame and proportion with breast confidence in daily life and body image. Women of all ages seek advice for breast reduction or uplift surgery, and these are some of the most satisfying procedures for life changing impact upon health and wellbeing.


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