What is a liplift?


Aesthetic lip surgery can be performed to the upper lip and lower lip or both in combination. These are outpatient or daycase procedures, with a delicate ‘small surgery’ design which nevertheless makes a significant and powerful aesthetic change.In the upper lip, the aim is to reveal and evert the upper lip vermillion for ‘a natural pout’ and volume, without the need for lip implants or fillers. With a “central lip lift’, the middle third of the upper lip can be given a feminine shape, fullness, and youthful natural pout. The scar is hidden in the deep crease under the nose (nostril sill).

With a “lateral” or “wing” upper lip lift, there is a gentle ‘out-rolling’ of the upper lip to provide volume, definition, and vermillion show. It reduces the shadows at the corner of the lips and elevates the corner ‘commissure’.

In combination with facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, or ‘Botox’ to lift the corner of the mouth, these lip procedures are very satisfying, where the overall effect is greater than the sum of the parts. Occasionally the combination of lip lift surgery with gentle low volume filler is the exact prescription to achieve a youthful volume, natural definition and hydration of the lips.

In the lower lip, a simple technique within the “wet mucosal surface” of the inner aspect of the lip allows definition and volume of the tubercle of the lip which promotes a gentle pout to match the upper lip or as an independent procedure.

These ‘small surgery’ options can be combined with a range of face and neck lifts, all the non-surgical techniques with ‘Botox’ and fillers to provide a very powerful natural and feminine change. These are the ‘icing on the cake’ procedures which add to complete care of the aesthetic face with hidden scars and natural outcomes.

Amazing doctor…the best I have ever met. Mr Britto listens, advises, supports and provides excellent through and aftercare for the operations / services he carries out. I would recommend Mr Britto to anyone who is looking for the best in his field.

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Why consider liplift surgery?


The aesthetic surgery of the lips has become a niche and expert area. There is much to consider, particularly in relation to standalone versus combination procedures, and the key relationship between surgical strategies and non-surgical techniques.What are we trying to achieve in a lip? A pair of lips should be balanced, with a natural and feminine pout, well hydrated and healthy, with the appropriate ‘show’ of dry vermillion (and not exposing the “wet mucosa” of the internal lip). The lip should have youthful volume, but not volume excess. The shape of the Cupid’s bow is important, and the angle of the lateral element of the lip in its descent to the corner (“commissure”).

In profile, the length of the columella (between the nostrils) of the nose to the nasal tip should be in balance with the length of the upper lip to the vermillion, and the angle between the two is a defining parameter of masculinity versus femininity. The vermillion of the upper lip and the junction between the dry lip and the wet lip gently meets the dry/wet border of the lower lip in repose. There is, for many people an opening of the lip with a narrow tooth–show in the natural posture of the face in repose. The natural creased surface architecture of the dry vermillion is an important aesthetic feature and often compromised by the application of too many fillers.

As in so many things, the balanced result is in the detail.

The range of surgical and non-surgical techniques applied to the lips offer a perplexing minefield of choices. Jonathan and his team will guide you through the options with clarity. What is your desired outcome? What recovery time is available to you? How do you approach matters of cost, and how do you perceive matters of risk?

There are many horror stories about both surgical outcomes and non-surgical therapies. Which are true? What is the balance of risk, reward, recovery time and cost? All these questions will be answered by Jonathan with clarity, in plain and simple language, and backed up with a written report.


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