Combiuplift Implant

Combiuplift Implant

What is combination uplift augmentation surgery?

Combi Uplift Implant
Breast Up Lift or ‘mastopexy’ is a breast rebalancing technique that elevates the breast reposition to the nipple and provides projection and shape to the uplifted breast. Mastopexy provides for improved breast confidence and femininity and is a very valuable technique available to women with lax or pendulous breasts which cause a loss of confidence in life and personal relationships.

Mastopexy alone will not provide for breast volume, and the repositioning of breast tissue may require a small reduction of breast volume in order to retain position and shape. For this reason mastopexy is often combined with breast implant surgery to give the uplifted breast shape, volume, or ‘boost’.

The combination of breast lift and implant volume can be used to optimise a feminine natural shape, give the breast projection and boost, reposition the nipple, and support breast laxity or replace volume.

Women of all ages seek breast reduction and/or uplift surgery for a variety of reasons and the changes in both their physical and psychological well-being are always appreciated. The design of the surgery is unique to each individual patient and Jonathan is meticulous in his planning, and attentive in his listening, to achieve that comfortable, feminine breast to suit height, figure, and the personal activities of daily life that provide health and wellbeing for each individual.

There are many different techniques of combined mastopexy/ augmentation which are dependent on the individual aims for quality of life, the overall height and figure of the patient and the quality of the breast, skin and nipple. Whereas mastopexy rearranges the architecture of the breast, the skin, and the nipple ‘from the front’ the breast augmentation with implant places that implant behind the uplifted breast. This is very important because the breast is placed under tension, and the techniques must be very safely applied to protect the blood supply and the health of the healing tissues, whilst at the same time providing the correct aesthetic result. For this reason, to balance outcome and safety, breast augmentation and uplift may be undertaken as a staged procedure, undertaking either the uplift or the augmentation first with the other procedure to follow depending upon the bespoke circumstances.

There is always a circular scar around the nipple, and usually a continuous vertical scar running from the nipple to the fold beneath the breast. A transverse scar may also be used which runs along the crease beneath the breast. The length of the overall scars reflects the amount of breast skin removed, and the need to protect the breast tissues from undue tension. Breast scars are visible initially and with excellent scar management these scars can be barely visible after 12 months post-surgery.

During the consultations that lead up to the surgery Jonathan will make measurements at the mirror to determine the correct repositioning of the nipple, and to demonstrate the position of the scars.

Every breast demonstrates natural asymmetry and individual proportion relating to the patient’s frame, size, and figure. The amount of excess skin, and the reshaping of the breast, is calculated along with the breast ‘height’ to achieve a firmer, higher breast position, with projection and uplift. The aim is to restore the breast to the best anatomical position possible and a size that is in keeping with the patient’s natural body shape. The type of implant to be used is a key determinant, and is closely planned, and the proportions of the nipple and areola are calculated in the design in keeping with the new breast.

The choices now available to woman for breast rebalancing procedures are many and each surgery can be individually designed. It is both surgically challenging and highly rewarding to remodel a breast. The aesthetic restoration of breast femininity and the restoration of confidence I see in my patients is still a wonderful reward…


Why would you consider a combination breast uplift and implant?

Combi Uplift Implant
‘Breast confidence’ is intimately entwined with feminine sensibility, emotion and wellbeing. Loss of such confidence can therefore be very distressing, just as the restoration of feminine confidence by breast rebalancing surgery is personally and professionally rewarding.

The sense of breast ‘disproportion’ is highly personal. The impact may be highly emotional, where the lax pendulous breast causes loss of body confidence. The skin of the breast can be affected with wrinkling, stretchmarks and ‘crepey’ laxity. There may be nipple – areolar disproportion, with loss of regularity and aesthetic confidence, causing embarrassment in changing rooms or personal relationships. The impact on personal life, the ability to partake in sport and exercise, and the ability for a freedom of choice in clothing can all be compromised by laxity, droop, and ‘breast disproportion’. The combination of physical and emotional challenges can cause social exclusion and deep unhappiness.

Naturally lax, pendulous breasts may be a feature of adult life, or have resulted from weight loss or post-pregnancy change. The aim of combination augmentation/uplift is to restore breast femininity and proportion with breast confidence in daily life and body image. Women of all ages seek advice for augmentation/ uplift surgery, and these are some of the most satisfying procedures for life changing impact upon health and wellbeing.

Anaesthesia – The Twilight Team and daycase general anaesthesia

One of the biggest concerns for women thinking of having a breast rebalancing surgery is a fear of being ‘put to sleep’ for the operation. There is a guilt factor of putting oneself at risk, particularly if there is a young family, and fear over recovery time from a general anaesthetic.

For the smaller breast uplift procedures, our team can alleviate those fears with the use of ‘twilight anaesthesia’, which allows a gentle sedation and reduced risk, whilst at the same time providing comfort and rapid recovery. For the larger breast procedures such as combination augmentation and uplift procedures, the benefits of the principles of Twilight anaesthesia are extended into our day case general anaesthesia technique, where patients are fully asleep, but awake gently and comfortably so as to allow Jake his discharge from hospital if they so wish. The day case general anaesthetic technique is so well honed that the majority of our patients request a day case surgery under general anaesthesia for even quite large breast rebalancing procedures.


What our patients say…

Dr Britto is outstanding he doesn’t come with pre-conceived ideas as to what is required, listens to your needs and extensively discusses options, the procedure itself, risks and downsides. Aftercare is flexible and as much as you need
I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease by Mr Britto from the very first meeting. I was apprehensive about the surgery but was reassured and any questions were answered, before and afterwards. I couldn’t be more happy with the results and the constant care and attention I received. I will definitely use Mr Britto again in future.
Dr Britto is outstanding he doesn’t come with pre-conceived ideas as to what is required, listens to your needs and extensively discusses options, the procedure itself, risks and downsides. Aftercare is flexible and as much as you need
Breast Lift with Implants: Outstanding Results

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