What is a Facelift?


The successful outcome of a natural rejuvenated facial appearance might well appear to be effortlessly simple. However, it involves a complex set of skills, based on experienced analysis, seamlessly combined to give superior results.What makes a natural rejuvenated face? Jonathan’s craftsmanship arises from his study of the human face in all its forms, male and female, from around the world, animated and in repose, studied in life and depicted in art. This is combined with his published academic study of human anatomy, structure, and function of the layers of the face; how the face works at rest and in animated emotion. Add to that his acknowledged experience, and widely sought expertise, in facial aesthetic plastic surgery, which combines his background as consultant plastic surgeon in adult head and neck restoration (after accident and cancer); and his world – renowned skills for facial restoration in children born with congenital facial difference.

Jonathan knows the human face. Working with you, your photographs from throughout the years, and observing your natural face in conversation, animation, and in different light, he will restore and rejuvenate for you in a bespoke manner preserving your personality, your myriad unique facial expressions (and that beautiful dimple!), to the appearance which brings happiness and confidence in appearance.

Jonathan will combine his master craftsmanship of surgery with the artistic principles of light and shadow, definition and shape, to bring the five layers of the face into youthful balance. His results are as much about ‘shape’ and ‘natural repositioning’ of the tissues as they are about ‘lift’ and ‘definition’. Look at your favourite photos of your face – Jonathan will restore the light reflex from your midface, banish the under – eye shadows and ski slope contours, and bring back the jawline definition and sharp contours of the neck.

I don’t hesitate in recommending Jonathan Britto to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

I had a face / neck lift and I’m truly delighted with the results. My friends comment that I look really well but cannot work out what I’ve had done. I feel physically and psychologically rejuvenated.Mr Britto took time to find out what it was I wanted to achieve, and then delivered EXACTLY what he said he would. All of this was achieved with minimal discomfort or bruising and a return to work after 3 weeks.

His post-op care has been excellent, with access via his mobile phone and a comprehensive regime of follow up appointments.

His whole team are delightful, professional and helpful.

Thank you Mr Britto for a first class experience

Verified Patient

The craftsmanship of facial aesthetic plastic surgery is a wonderful calling. There is nothing else I would rather do. I love meeting patients, building relationships, and using my skills to transform lives and build confidence in appearance. It is a tremendous reward after many happy years of training and study, research and refinement, to deliver wonderful results to smiling patients, and to know I have served them well. For that I am extremely grateful.

Jonathan Britto


Why consider facelift surgery?


Patients come to see Jonathan for a variety of reasons. Some prefer to hear about what can be achieved, or about the principles of what makes a youthful face applied to themselves. Other patients come with a clear understanding and set of instructions for Jonathan about what they wish to achieve. The overwhelming consensus amongst our patients is that they want to ‘look well’, ‘natural’, and ‘good for their age’. The majority of our patients would prefer a result without a ‘giveaway’ – no “tell-tale signs” that surgery has taken place. They want to look fresh, young, and balanced, and to feel confident. Our patients come for facial rejuvenation, maintenance, and restoration, from their early 30’s to the 80s! Some seek to pre-empt the signs of ageing that they see in the senior members of their family, others seek a confidence boost after a midlife challenge or change of circumstance. All our patients have their story to tell – and they come to Jonathan for the face they wish to tell that story.Men and women consider facial restoration surgery for many different reasons. It may be to correct an hereditary feature, or familial traits that they have become self-conscious about. Others have become aware that facial laxity has changed the shape of the face, introducing shadow and premature fatigue or ageing. Some feel that the face they currently wear does not reflect how they feel inside – they hear comments about “looking tired”, “are you unhappy?”, that do not reflect their inner confidence and vitality.

The range of surgical and non-surgical techniques that are currently available offer a perplexing minefield of choices. Jonathan and his team will guide you through the options with clarity. What is your desired outcome? What recovery time is available to you? How do you approach matters of cost, and how do you perceive matters of risk? There are many horror stories about both surgical outcomes and non-surgical therapies. Which are true? What is the balance of risk, reward, recovery time and cost? All these questions will be answered by Jonathan with clarity, in plain and simple language, and backed up with a written report.


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