Lower blepharoplasty

Lower Blepharoplasty

What is a lower blepharoplasty?

Upper Blepharoplasty
Lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift) surgery is a complex procedure in both analytics and surgical technique, nonetheless it brings great reward in both comfortable function and confidence in appearance.Eyelid surgery for the upper and lower eyelids is perhaps the most sought-after set of procedures requested from Jonathan, based on the detail of his analysis and the expertise of his surgery, which has been honed in years of oculoplastic surgery for reconstruction (in adults and children) and the restoration of appearance and function.

As with upper blepharoplasty, lower lid blepharoplasty comprises a ‘family’ of related surgical procedures, the aim of which is to create a natural balance between the eye itself, the lower eyelid margin position, and the balance of shape of the lower eyelid to the cheek

Lower eyelid aesthetic balance is all about the uniform reflection of light from the lower lid to the cheek, and the vertical height of the lower eyelid. A short vertical lower lid height brings a youthful appearance. The uniform reflection of light from the eyelid and cheek in harmony banishes shadow and the effects of premature ageing and fatigue.

‘Eyebags’ are a wide description! Many patients will present with shadow in the lower eyelids which they describe as eyebags. The shadows are usually semicircle, and the dominant shadow separates the lower eyelid from the cheek. Other shadows may also characterise the eyelids/cheek junction, resulting from different types of ‘eyebags’, including heavy festoons in the lower eyelids or the cheek. Not all lower lid ‘eyebags’ are the same. Some come from excess skin, others from saggy muscle, and yet others from herniating fat below the eyeball into the eyelid. The principles are timeless, but the indications, aims, alternative procedures, and expectations of outcome are bespoke.

The key to beautiful surgical outcomes is the preparation in the clinic and in consultation. Jonathan will point out, at the mirror and iPad screen how the shadows are formed by the different anatomical layers of the eyelid, and what surgical techniques are required to address them: to banish shadow and restore the reflection of light.

Jonathan’s knowledge of the layered anatomy of the lower eyelids and cheek, and the effects of ageing or illness upon these layers informs his surgical precision. Each layer of the eyelid and if necessary the cheek can be elevated and rebalanced. The scars are hidden in the crease below the eyelash line and into the crow’s feet wrinkles. The orientation of the smile lines of the natural smiling face are retained in the results to maintain naturalness and hide the fact that surgery has taken place.

Working with you, your photographs from throughout the years, and observing your natural face in conversation, animation, and in different light, he will restore and rejuvenate for you in a bespoke manner. Jonathan will combine his master craftsmanship of surgery with the artistic principles of light and shadow, definition and shape, to deliver comfortable eyelid function with natural beautiful and youthful appearance.

Jonathan is the best in the business. Not only is he a genius who looks at the face with the eye of an artist he is simply the nicest person you could hope to meet. He transformed my face achieving a natural, youthful look. Not a hint of pillow face just a refreshed face and eyes that now open correctly which has improved my vision too! He is so much fun to be with that it is impossible not to feel relaxed and in great hands. And the after care doesn’t stop – he makes himself available to answer any concern at all. Thank you Jonathan for everything – I recommend you to everyone I know and will continue to do so forever.

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Why consider lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift) surgery?

Upper Blepharoplasty
Patients seek Jonathan’s oculoplastic surgery expertise for a variety of reasons. Some patients seek greater eyelid comfort, or better function with an improved visual field. Often, it is the combination of both appearance and function that leads to the request for blepharoplasty surgery.Many patients seek to pre-empt the signs of ageing that they see in the senior members of their family (“I can see it in my Mum”), others seek a confidence boost after a midlife challenge or change of circumstance. They hear comments about “looking tired”, “are you unhappy?” that do not reflect their inner confidence and vitality. All our patients have their story to tell – and they come to Jonathan for the appearance they wish to tell that story.

The range of surgical and non-surgical techniques that are currently available offer a perplexing minefield of choices. The lower eyelid carries great risk for non-surgical injectable procedures. Jonathan and his team will guide you through the options with clarity. What is your desired outcome? What recovery time is available to you? How do you approach matters of cost, and how do you perceive matters of risk? There are many horror stories about both surgical outcomes and non-surgical therapies. Which are true? What is the balance of risk, reward, recovery time and cost? All these questions will be answered by Jonathan with clarity, in plain and simple language, and backed up with a written report.


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