What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a family of surgical procedures that reshape and restructure the nose. Popular with both men and women, rhinoplasty for confidence in appearance change, for improvement in comfort in breathing, or for a combination of both is a ‘craniofacial’ surgical specialty which combines anatomical study, surgical craftsmanship, and learned artistry.Developments in techniques and surgical technology have seen significant improvements in rhinoplasty practice at a rapid pace in recent years.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty surgery improves form and function, and balance and proportion to the nose. Functional rhinoplasty surgery targets improvements in breathing and comfort in sleeping.

From minor imperfections and subtle changes in the nasal tip to more complex reconstruction procedures, rhinoplasty brings measurably high satisfaction to patients, giving stable results for an improved quality of life.

The creation of a naturally balanced nose is based upon the scientific principles of anatomy and blood supply, married to the art of proportion and refinement. These come together in surgical experience and expertise, formed within a comprehensive foundation of craniofacial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

The study of the form and function of the face, which is an essential prerequisite to the art of facial and nasal surgery, requires cultural, social, psychological and gender sensitivity. No two patients are the same and Jonathan’s international experience in craniofacial reconstructive and aesthetic rhinoplasty gives him a unique perspective in the analysis, which is both cultural and technical. His meticulous surgery, comprehensive planning (including 3-D surface scanning and computer-based projection), and attentive listening are the basis of his success.

I underwent Rhinoplasty surgery in January 2020. Mr Britto was the third surgeon I had met for a consultation. I chose to have my surgery with Mr Britto as he has a calm demean our, is very empathetic and a great listener. I knew that he understood my wants and concerns. Mr Britto was very honest about what could be achieved and the risks involved. Mr Britto’s team were very attentive and always at the end of the phone if I needed anything, even after standard working hours. Mr Britto’s surgical team were professional and friendly. I am very happy with the physical result of my surgery and even more thrilled with the way my previous insecurities have vanished

A grateful patient


Why consider rhinoplasty surgery?

Do you have difficulty in making eye contact with others? Do you avoid having a photograph taken? Do you prefer to pose in a particular way before a facial photograph? These things are frequently mentioned by our patients seeking a rhinoplasty procedure. The nose, compared to other anatomical areas for facial plastic surgery, creates particular insecurities for us all. Rhinoplasty is part of the the definitive approach to resolving such insecurities – and when undertaken in an holistic and multidisciplinary way can lead to huge uplift in confidence in appearance, and well-being in life.Have you tried describing your nose to yourself in the mirror? It is not easy! It is for this reason that the rhinoplasty consultation is such a rewarding and challenging part of Jonathan’s practice.

There are three stages of rhinoplasty – planning, surgery, and recovery. In the planning, or “analysis” phase, we spend time listening, understanding, and where necessary using the tools of digital technology to illustrate the conversation. This is where the exciting work begins, where Jonathan learns from you ‘why and where’ to apply the technical skills of his professional life. Jonathan brings a complete understanding of the behaviour of the lining, framework, and ‘envelope’ of the nose to surgical planning and technique – required to bring about a balanced and harmonious result.

Patients of all ages seek rhinoplasty surgery, from younger patients who worry about moving through adult life with a nose they don’t feel ‘fits’ their face; to older patients who have longed to change the shape of their nose and have lived with a sense of embarrassment and insecurity for many years. Others might seek help following an accident which has resulted in change in the shape of the nose that they feel are not only aesthetically unattractive – but also are a constant visual reminder of a distressing event.

Life changing surgery requires time and effort to plan, prepare and develop.

With two decades of excellence in multidisciplinary planning for facial and nasal aesthetic restoration, Jonathan brings discipline, empathy and good humour to the planning and the patient care, and meticulous technique to the surgery.


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