What is a necklift?


Unhappiness with the neck is one of the most common reasons for both men and women to present to see Jonathan in clinic. We live in a world where “Screen time” predominates. Inevitably we see ourselves looking down reflected in the screen like a mirror – often the least flattering pose which exposes our flabby chins, our wrinkled necks, and our lax jawlines.What makes a natural rejuvenated neck? ‘Strike a pose!’ Do you see a youthful ‘Z’? – that line of triangular contour that emphasises the chin to the ear, the ear to the Adam’s apple, and the shoulder blade. Specifically, jawline and neck rejuvenation is about the restoration of definition, whether in direct gaze into the mirror, oblique light of a casual photograph, or the ultra – posed selfie shoot for the social media page.

It is worth the repeat: Jonathan’s craftsmanship arises from his study of the human face and neck in all its forms, male and female, from around the world, animated and in repose, studied in life and depicted in art. This is combined with his published academic study of human anatomy, structure, and function of the layers of the face and neck.

Jonathan’s approach to the neck will be described to you in clinic as a “layer by layer” strategy, considered in five layers. We begin with the skin. What is the skin quality? Is it crepey and lax or heavy and thick? Would a skin health approach to the intrinsic quality of the skin be all that is required, or provide a combination approach with other techniques? Sun damage to the exposed neck is a common problem, including reflected UV light (from water and snow) up to the exposed neck. This requires treatment for a quality result.

Is there an excess of superficial fat (layer two) or deep fat (layer four)? If the patient has had previous surgery has too much fat been removed and cannot be re-introduced for youthful volume in the right place? Is the superficial (platysma, layer three) muscle lax? What form does that laxity take and can it be treated by ‘closed’ or ‘limited open’ techniques? Finally, to give that sharp under the chin to neck angle in profile, does the deep layer of muscle (layer five) need to be tightened?

Jonathan will combine his craftsmanship of surgery with the artistic principles of light and shadow, definition and shape, to bring the five layers of the neck into youthful balance. ‘Natural repositioning’ of the neck tissues are required to avoid ‘wind tunnel creases’, or lines of tension when looking up and behind, as much as to avoid excesses when looking down at screens. Look at your favourite photos of your face and neck – Jonathan will explain how low facial laxity in the layers becomes continuous with the neck, and where neck lift and facelift intersect…

I could not be more pleased with the outcome I have had, only 4 weeks in after a lower face and neck lift, I am delighted with the massively improved and natural look that Jonathan Britto has achieved. In addition, his ‘bedside manner’ instilled confidence and certainty that I would be happy with his approach, and I was thankfully proved 100% right!

Verified patient, as seen in Doctify


Why consider facelift surgery?


Many men and women begin their consultation with Jonathan berating the quality of their necks. The conversation may begin with “I’m beginning to look like my mother” and involve a tug at the jawline when looking in the mirror. The basic neck shape is different in men and women. Women have a more triangular neck, where the youthful silhouette is a series of inter – digitating triangles created by the definition of the underlying (‘layer four’) muscular anatomy. Surgical strategies in layers 1,2, and 3 of the neck reveal the definition of the underlying anatomy and provide the youthful appearance we seek. In men it is the same layers, and the same muscle groups, but the anatomy is more rectangular – think “square jaw masculinity” – which continues in the arrangement of the muscle groups of the neck.Some patients come with a clear set of instructions for Jonathan about what they wish to achieve. “I don’t like my turkey neck” is a common refrain, usually involving strategies directed at layer 1 and layer 2 of the neck. Another common request is to “get rid of my double chin” – involving strategies directed at layers, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the submentum (under the chin). Many patients will have had “mini surgical tweaks” or minimal invasive therapies such as thread lifts before. Some of these may have lasted, many will have not delivered expectations previously. Jonathan’s current analysis and technique will take into account all that has gone before, and an accurate, preferably dated, history is very valuable.

Facial laxity is an important consideration in neck lift analysis – the jawline is compromised by the jowl, and the jowl begins in the face. Many patients have covered their necks with scarves or high collars for years, and would simply like to take advantage of an open neck shirt or blouse.

Some feel that the face and neck they currently wear does not reflect how they feel inside – they hear comments about “looking tired”, “are you unhappy?”, that do not reflect their inner confidence and vitality. The colour and quality of the neck skin is often different from that in the face, and a principal strategy for our team is to unify the quality of the face and neck skin “envelope”.

The range of surgical and non-surgical techniques that are currently available for neck restoration and aesthetics offer a perplexing minefield of choices. Jonathan and his team will guide you through the options with clarity. What is your desired outcome? What recovery time is available to you? How do you approach matters of cost, and how do you perceive matters of risk? There are many horror stories about both surgical outcomes and non-surgical therapies. Which are true? What is the balance of risk, reward, recovery time and cost? All these questions will be answered by Jonathan with clarity, in plain and simple language, and backed up with a written report.


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